Organisations manage construction
field services and contractors
better with ConSol

A comprehensive management tool with your field
service delivery needs in mind

Every day it’s the same.

There are multiple people managing multiple contracts and projects across your organisation. Since your system is paper-based (or spread out across multiple spreadsheets and static databases), it’s hard to tell who is working on what, the exact status of their work in progress and whether they’re meeting their deadlines. Everyone has their own workflows and that leads to duplicate efforts and missed deadlines. It’s impossible to measure which departments, teams, individuals and contractors are contributing to your profitability.

And selecting contractors for projects is always a gamble. You don’t know anything about their performance and once the job has started, there’s no way to confirm they’re meeting SLAs, KPIs or quality assurance measures.

Simply put:

  • You’re not sure how to choose the best contractor for each project
  • There’s no way to consistently track and measure performance
  • You’re juggling multiple projects across multiple regions and contacts
  • Without insights into profitability and productivity, you can’t  strategise effectively

That all changes with ConSol.

ConSol streamlines your day-to-day operations so you can focus on the bigger picture


From the drag and drop reporting and fully customisable system to the easy on-forward capabilities and comprehensive reporting features, ConSol is designed to be both powerful and easy to use. And if you need help? ConSol service includes robust training – from detailed work instructions and user guides to videos – and support from our Melbourne-based support team.

Cost effective

ConSol is cloud-based, so there are no hardware costs. The centralised, standardised processes help boost productivity, minimise duplicate efforts and free up staff hours. Robust reporting capabilities make it easy to measure productivity, performance and profitability across your organisation. The system pays for itself within the first year of operation.


Your information is important. That’s why your ConSol data stays in Australia and is always encrypted in transit and while at rest. Autosave functionality means you never have to click ‘save’ – everything is saved and stored in real-time. Audit histories enable you to track changes and user settings ensure you control who sees and interacts with your data.

Time efficient

ConSol is designed around one simple premise: to simplify complex service delivery processes. Every feature and capability is meant to maximise your organisation’s time and budget. Automated workflows and standardised templates create consistency across your organisation. Everyone on a project can access project files, reducing back and forth e-mails and phone calls. And ConSol Mobile enables you to stay connected with providers when they’re in the field.

How it works

Compare provider performance ratings and select

Review contracts, variations and invoices

Check status on milestones and deadlines

Monitor work in progress

Measure which departments, teams and individuals are meeting targets

Use ConSol to manage every aspect of your projects, contracts and orders, including:

  • Contractor progress and performance
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Deadlines and unexpected variations
  • Internal and external team members
  • Project documentation
  • Project workflows
  • Profitability and productivity measures
  • Outcome forecasting

It just takes minutes to:

  • Upload, share and search documents
  • Assign tasks, projects and deliverables
  • Compare contractors
  • Check status on projects
  • Review and approve invoices
  • Collaborate with providers on the field
  • Provide guidance on variation requests
  • Communicate with team members

“One of the major risks we face is the inaccurate recording of costs and revenues for completed work. ConSol has provided enhanced visibility and accuracy in this area of the business, thus reducing potential risk.”


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