Streamline Your

End-to-end process management
made easy

Your two most valuable resources are your people and your time. And while it’s tough to replace a great team member, it’s impossible to create more time. ConSol maximises every moment by centralising your management tasks, automating workflows and providing visibility into contractor performance and project status.

The result? You’re always only a few clicks away from what’s happening across your organisation and work orders.

How it works

Import orders

Centralise all
project files so
key players can

Prevent missed
deadlines and
overruns with alerts
and warnings

updates via
ConSol Mobile

Automate payment
processes with
integrations to your
payment systems

Standardise inconsistent work practices

ConSol enables you to formalise your organisation’s unique processes for managing the full job cycle, from initial quote request through to final invoicing. Create custom workflows, templates, user permissions and messaging settings. Specify fields at project, order and item level.  Contractors and staff using ConSol are required to follow the same set of work processes and sequences, ensuring work is handled in a consistent, logical order and delivered on time and on budget.

Easily integrates with your existing applications

ConSol is designed to replace your existing processes.  But we understand you have tools that keep your business running smoothly (i.e. SAP, JDE, custom in-house applications and invoicing systems). That’s why ConSol is designed to smoothly integrate with your existing financial and payment systems.  Report on costs at any time, compare estimates to actuals and set automatic workflows for payment of on-budget invoices.

Stay on the same page with ConSol Mobile

Increase the flexibility and ‘reach’ of users in the field, enabling them to respond immediately to requests, queries or post the status of work in progress.  ConSol Mobile provides real-time reporting from the field and ensure all changes and updates are stored against the order. Off-line functionality enables field work progress to be collected and stored for easy, automatic submission once connectivity is re-established.

Minimise data-entry

ConSol links all parties involved in the service delivery business process into the same ecosystem. Everyone in the service delivery cycle – internal design staff, contractors, supervisors and contract managers, administrative staff, finance and senior management – is able to enter their own updates and documentation into the system. Automating repeatable tasks such as invoicing, work order creation and scheduling free up your staff. Intersystem messaging and sharing capabilities ensure data integrity is maintained. The result? Improved accuracy and elimination of double-handling, human error and document loss.

ConSol is designed to maximise every minute of your team’s workday.

  • Create customised workflow templates
  • Stay connected with users in the field
  • Reduce labour intensive data-entry tasks
  • Monitor job status
  • Avoid delays with custom alerts
  • All parties add their own information

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