management capabilities

Everything you need to deliver
better service faster

No matter how many projects you’re working on, where they’re located or how many people are involved in the service delivery process, ConSol gives you the tools to manage everything efficiently and accurately.

Automated workflows and customised alerts enable you to focus on what matters most, so you can go home at the end of the day, knowing everything is under control.

How it works

Select and engage contractors

Issue and modify work orders

Check status
of work

Approve invoices

Report on costs

Design the system to suit your organisation’s needs

Ensure projects are completed to your organisation’s specifications. With ConSol, we help you to define and manage every aspect of the service delivery process.  Create customised workflows and templates for consistency across staff and contractors. Create milestones and new fields in the system. Define SLAs, contract components, work types and messaging defaults. Manage schedules, workgroups and users. Integrate the platform with your financial management systems. Create customised reports and set up automated workflow permissions.

Always know who is working on what

Keep your organisation compliant with Dashboard reports, Gantt views and milestone worklists: at-a-glance visual summary reports showing key metrics across projects and providers. Monitor projects and tasks assigned to your internal staff and teams in the field. Review the exact status of work in progress and whether they’re meeting their deadlines and KPIs. Create and schedule regular progress reports to determine if work is running to schedule and to budget. Throughout the order lifecycle, ConSol provides the visibility, alerts and warnings for embedded SLAs, KPIs, and quality measures.

Report on profitability and productivity

You know you’re making money, but you don’t have a way of tracking or measuring profitability and productivity. ConSol provides you with visibility into which departments, teams and individuals are meeting their targets and contributing to your profitability. ConSol builds KPIs and SLAs into all contractor or internal staff activities, providing a time-frame and quality frameworks which are determined by users to suit their specific requirements. Because managers can access reports, it is easy to measure, reward and improve your top performers.

Create accurate forecasts

Manage resources, spend and outcomes more effectively by leveraging ConSol’s business intelligence. The system stores all activities that occur during the contracted service, providing you with enhanced visibility into your processes. Generate on-demand reports with vital information about the status of projects and tasks, if deadlines and delivery dates are being met, what revenue is coming in, your liabilities (such as potential KPI and SLA breaches and fines), wages and margins on work. Having this information at your fingertips enables you to better forecast your monthly spend, adjust rates where required and quickly reallocate staff to avoid unnecessary penalties. It will also help you to be more strategic and better organise your workforce to meet service delivery targets.

ConSol makes it easy to work with:

  • Internal teams
  • Contractors
  • Supervisors
  • Contract managers
  • Administrative staff
  • Finance departments
  • Senior management

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