Centralised collaboration

Keep everyone in your service
delivery cycle on the same page

Stacks of paperwork aren’t just unsightly – they’re also an expensive drain on resources. Whether it’s the hours spent trying to find a crucial document or chasing down e-mails and spreadsheets for an urgent project detail, a centralised management system can make or break your organisation’s productivity.

ConSol makes it easy to keep every aspect of every project (from every partner in the service delivery process) in one easily accessible repository.

How it works

Centralise all project documentation on platform

Upload or share documents

Review document history

Search documents by file type, category or content

Get immediate field updates from contractors via ConSol Mobile

Communicate better

ConSol is a robust communications hub between your organisation and your suppliers. Message individuals or teams. On-forward communications directly to suppliers to ensure all detail in the original order is accounted for. If something changes, ConSol Mobile enables contractors to receive and provide in-the-field updates, variation requests and documentation. Similarly, contractors no longer need to spend hours on invoicing. Once they have completed a task or project and attached the necessary supporting documentation, invoicing can be done automatically.

Real time access to information

ConSol requires staff and contractors to complete tasks within the system, which updates in real time, so you’ll always have the most accurate, up-to-date information available. All project entities have an audit trail so you can access full history on orders, contracts, projects, documents and more. Communicate with confidence, review milestones, workflows and project status. Data integrity is preserved with ConSol’s autosave feature.

Centralised data repository

No more chasing down e-mails or searching through piles of paperwork for that critical project update. ConSol is a secure data repository for every document and piece of information on a project, contract or work order. Upload, store, share, comment on or search documents. Search within documents. Control your information with user roles and workgroup allocations that ensure users only have access to the information they’re permitted to see.

Mitigate risk

Markets are competitive and consumers are increasingly demanding faster and better services. ConSol enables your organisation to complete contracts faster and more economically. Set customisable notifications to alert you of deadlines and potential overruns. ConSol provides KPIs, measurement and transparency for each contract and each contractor in real time. Breaches of governance are visible on the reporting dashboard.  Maintain at-a-glance insights of work in progress, quickly identify issues and maintain adequate controls over projects and contractors.

Improve your organisation’s process efficiency with ConSol.

  • Centralised data repository
  • Streamlined communications
  • Efficient processes
  • Increased productivity
  • At-a-glance access to project information

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