ConSol Mobile – designed for ConSol 
field workers and sub-contractors

Deliver better service faster for your clients with
real-time updates from the field.

Download it today on iOS and Android devices:


“ConSol Mobile saves me hours in a week.”
D&B Communications

“ConSol Mobile is easier to use when you’re onsite.”
SLHA Group

Accept jobs on the move

Work orders change fast, but with ConSol Mobile,
you always have the latest opportunities in hand.
Access new jobs, review summaries, access compliance
requirements and accept jobs on the go. Use ConSol
Mobile’s jobs’ map-view to plan the most efficient route.

Impress your clients with real-time updates

ConSol Mobile automatically records time and
location of all job activity and enables you to
document your progress in realtime using video,
photos and notes – even when you’re out of range.
Time-stamped tasks and uploads are held in queue
until you’re back online.

Reduce the paperwork

Stop weighing yourself down with paperwork.
View site plans, documents and required
materials instantly from your handset.

Save time and get paid faster

Don’t bring hours of reporting home with you. Mark
jobs as complete in the field, record item usage
and release timestamped photos to customers
instantly. Once a task is marked complete and
supporting documentation is uploaded in ConSol
Mobile, you only have to submit your pre-populated
claim for your clients’ system to automatically
start the payment process.

Download ConSol Mobile for iOS and Android now: