service delivery system

ConSol is a best of breed web based system used by large utilities, telcos, construction companies and service providers who engage contractors and
project based staff to simplify service
delivery and improve profitability.

ConSol helps governments and corporations work effectively with service providers, improving service compliance and increasing efficiency

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    Create process compliance and visibility

    "We need a consistent process to procure contractors and keep on top of the contracted work. It's difficult to know the status of current contracted work. We don't know who is working on what, the status of the work, or if deadlines and KPIs are being met".

    The solution: ConSol is configured to your organisation's workflow. Process compliance is managed throughout procurement, management of contractors, service completion and payment. Key milestones and events are recorded and work in progress status is registered and reportable. The system generates manager alerts and warnings when deadlines and overruns are detected.

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    Manage resources, spend and outcomes

    "We have multiple people managing multiple contracts and projects. We need to ensure that work is progressing to schedule and to identify our current project spend."

    The solution: Orders created and managed through ConSol must comply with the organisation's procurement practices and services management workflow. Throughout the order lifecycle, ConSol provides the visibility, alerts and warnings for embedded SLAs, KPIs, and quality measures. ConSol records procurement spend to the item level in detailed financial reports.

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    Generate accurate financial information

    "We need information to ensure that we're making money and tracking to budget"

    The solution: The reporting engine offers scheduled and ad-hoc reports to provide the point-in-time financial position for contracted services procured through the system. ConSol stores all activities that occur during the contracted service. Contractor compliance to SLAs, KPIs, variations and EOTs are tracked and reported.

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    Receive consistent and timely services

    "I've just awarded a contractor some work. How can I be certain that the contractor is meeting agreed SLAs and KPIs? Also, how can I make sure that the quality of the work is up to standard and consistent?"

    The solution: The procurement officer sets key dates in the ConSol order lifecycle. If these are breached, notifications are issued. All events are recorded and date stamped to support an audit trail: completed services are recorded in photographs, on-site assessments, customer testimony and customer satisfaction surveys. Information is used to manage contractor performance, provide evidence for contract review, influence procurement practices and improve the customer experience.

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    Obtain contractor ratings

    "We have a lot of contractors on our panel and I need to know which contractor is the best choice. I need information we can use to inform purchasing practices."

    The solution: Panel contractors are assessed on compliance with SLAs and KPIs. Quantitative and qualitative performance measures provide data input for ConSol's 'star rating' ranking system using customer satisfaction surveys. Compliant contractors earn a higher star rating, which informs your purchasing decision.